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Q1.   How can I start to work with ASG?

ASG: It’s super easy and simple, you can register trade account on ASG website, once your account activated, you will be able to login to check all the product details and price information.
Choose products to add to the basket or contact ASG by email or call us to inquiry your interested products. You can book a showroom visit to see, touch and feel the products before making decisions. 

Q2. I have no experience in import and trade in container, how do I work out my order?

ASG: You DO NOT need any experience or knowledge in international trading, sourcing or import, that’s why we are here. ASG will take care of every detail for you. Everything has covered in our supply chain service, which is absolutely hassle-free for you.

Q3. Does ASG hold any stock in UK?Do you do any drop shipping service?

ASG:  ASG doesn’t hold any stock in UK, all our products are made-to-order. We can NOT provide the drop shipping service.

Q4. If I placed an order with ASG, how long will I receive it?

ASG: Usually our standard lead time is 14~16 weeks,it could be adjusted upon the production capacity or port congestion. We will confirm the delivered date when we process the order.

Q5. What’s your standard container size? Can I buy less than a container and mixed with someone else, or buy a 20ft container?

ASG: Our standard container size is 40 High Cube container, which is 66CBM. We’re afraid you will need to meet a full 40HQ container of your order. We don ‘t have other customers buy less than a container can be mixed with, unless you can organize by yourself to mix the container of different orders.
We don't suggest ship in 20'GP as shipping a full 40HQ container is the most cost effective.

Q6. How much space I need to store a 40HQ container? How many items will be in one container?

ASG: 40HQ Container order is not a scary quantity, it’s the most cost- efficient way for your procurement. 


Q7. What’s your minimum order amount or quantity? What’s the value of one container roughly?

ASG: We don’t have a minimum order amount, but any order need to be meet a full 40HQ container, you can mixed container with different products.

Q8. Can I customize the product?

ASG: Yes. Most of our products have different customized parts, such as fabric colours for upholstery chairs, glass colours for mirrored furniture, wood colours for tables, coating colours for metal frame etc. You can check all these details with ASG before placing order.


Q9. Can I have my logo printed on the packing? Can I add my labels on the products?

ASG: Yes. ASG is a white label company, ASG’s information will not show on any material either on the products or packing.

You can provide your logo artwork to print your logo on carton box and add label on products.

Q10. Can I send the product pictures for ASG to source for us?

ASG: Yes. If you couldn’t find any interested products from our website, or you had the targeted or bespoke products, please send us the picture and relative information, we will source and organize the supplying for you.


Q11. How can I mix the container?

ASG: To mix container, you are able to mix different products in one container, as long as you meet the MOQ of each product. You can mix the products from the same or different ranges, as long as they are from the same shipping area. We can’t mix container from different shipping areas. ASG will work with you to work out all the details.


Q12.   Do you ship to Europe? Is the container shipped from UK or from Far East?

ASG: Yes. The container will be shipped from export port in Far East direct to the nearest destination port, according to the receipt address, ASG will arrange the domestic delivery to your door. You don’t need to do anything until you receive the container, ASG will take care of every details and keep you updated.

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!


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