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We are offering you the opportunity to earn alongside us. There are various routes you can take to make extra money for yourself. Listed below are the ways you can Earn With Us:

• You can become a distributor for ASG by holding our stock at your premises. Order the products that interest you the most.
• We will advertise you as a distributor on our website.
• As a head start for you, we will provide you the information that we have collated from the various fairs we have exhibited at. These are smaller 
  retailers who have a expressed an interest to purchase our products in smaller quantities, due to not having the capacity to container buy. We
  will provide you with this priceless database of the customers who wish to purchase.
• ASG will not compete with you.
• ASG will provide the Supply Chain Management from our manufacturers to your warehouse.
• We will offer you competitive prices to enable you to earn a substantial margin.
• Distributors have the flexibility to refer and earn referral fees (please see below) as well as being a distributor.

• Enjoy earning without holding any physical stock.
• Introduce customers wanting to container order to us and we will pay you a referral fee once customer submits an order.
• Flexible approach, either send them to our showroom, point them in the direction of our website or bring them along to the showroom yourself.
• We will manage the order after submission.

Franchising in Europe
• If you would like to discuss the possibility of opening up a Franchise of ASG, please let us know and we can arrange a meeting to discuss.

Interested in any of the above:
Please express your interest by emailing:
or call us on:

0121 779 2138
We will endeavour to get back to you within
24 – 48 hrs

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