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Company introduction 

Mission statement

ASG’s products and services are improved continuously, ensuring our customers maintain their competitive advantage.
What we do

ASG’s fast-evolving portfolio comprises furniture for the home, garden and storage, plus décor, and is eminently suitable for the UK & EU market.
Our team draws on more than a decade of supply chain management experience to deliver high-quality, well-priced products.
About us

Our Showroom is Headquartered in Birmingham UK, ASG offers high-quality, home furniture products. Our Supply Chain Logistics enable UK and EU retailers to thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

To fulfil our promise of profitability, hassle-free partnerships, our China-based team draws on more than a decade of supply chain management experience, covering market analysis, product development, logistics, quality and pricing control.
We work closely with reliable manufacturers to deliver winning products and Supply chain solutions, to make life easier for you. We also offer bespoke services and products if required.
Why not visit our showroom near the Birmingham NEC to see what we can offer your business?
Find us at Unit 4, Griffin Business Park, Walmer Way, Birmingham, B37 7UX.

Why choose ASG?
Effective sales

Based on detailed market analysis, we have developed a strong complement of products and services for the UK and European marketplace.
Higher margins

ASG builds efficiencies into every stage of the supply chain to ensure our customers benefit from the best possible prices. For example, customers can enjoy a free of charge service which consolidates their shipments from multiple factories, enabling retailers of any size to purchase mixed containers.
Continual development

New lines are regularly added to ensure our customers maintain their competitive edge.
Quality assurance

We work very closely with reliable manufacturers, and our team boasts more than a decade of QC experience. Our QC team visit our manufactures on a regular basis throughout the year.  Also they inspect every batch and shipment before it leaves the factory, ensuring that our customers receive the highest standard of products.
Reliable service

ASG’s one-stop service removes the stigma associated with Chinese imports. Once an order is confirmed, we’ll deliver it according to your needs – where and when it is needed, and in batches if required. We also commit to compensating customers should delays occur.
Customised products

We work closely with the manufacturers therefore we are able to offer numerous customisation options for each model. This flexibility to specify fabrics, colours, wood and services give our customers the opportunity to customise their product.
Bespoke products

Customers can stipulate which product they want and give design options and we will create the product for them.  Offering further flexibility for our customers.

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